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ARUtility - Augmented Reality Underground Utility Locating

ARUtility - Augmented Reality Underground Utility Locating

Joe Eastman 168 Views

ARUtility is using augmented reality to display underground utilities on a live camera feed on your smartphone or tablet. Our mission is to create a safer work site for underground excavation by showing contractors and Engineers where utilities are located at all times. We overlay a live camera feed with a 3D representation of the underground utilities so that contractors know when they are digging next to underground assets. Users can also select the assets and view the material type, year of install, size and other important information. We are bringing more information to the contractors fingertips and reducing costly, potentially fatal damages.


This application benefits any consumer of electric, oil, natural gas, water and more. But we also benefit the utilities and their contractors. By reducing damages to underground utilities we can reduce the cost of utility replacements and installations. In 2016 damages to underground utilities cost direct stake holders roughly $1.5 billion. Ultimately the cost of repairs is covered by customers rates. By reducing costly damages we can maintain safe and affordable utilities.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will be used to help purchase an external GPS unit that can be paired with a tablet or smartphone to get sub foot accuracy of the users latitude and longitude. It will also go towards purchasing software on the Esri ArcGIS platform to help further development and integration with their systems.

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I am a registered Professional Engineer and University of Michigan grad who works for a large utility company in the state of Michigan. In my free time I enjoy web development and have also gotten into Android development. Other hobbies include working on my 99 S10 pickup that is equipped with air ride and lots of modifications to the body. If I haven't learned something new today than today was a waste of my time.

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