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ARUtility - Augmented Reality Utility Locating

ARUtility - Augmented Reality Utility Locating

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ARUtility is one of the first commercial applications for Augmented Reality (AR). It allows users to “see through” the ground to locate underground electric lines, water lines, gas lines etc.

What this does is it gives engineers, contractors and workers a constant visual of where buried utilities are located, allowing them to know when they are digging close to a buried asset.

Every year damages to buried utilities costs consumers over $1.5billion. But the problem is not just monetary, lives are lost each year from excavators hitting underground electric lines, gas lines and more. This commonly occurs due to utility locating paint marks and flags being removed during construction or from no marks being placed at all.

ARUtility has built a collaborative platform that allows utilities to work together to share information in a more easy and efficient way. This allows users to view all utilities in augmented reality with just a few clicks.

Our app is fully functional at this time.


Consumers (anyone who uses electric, natural gas, water, telephone etc), utilities, contractors and engineers.

By reducing damages we are saving everyone money. The utilities save by not have as many repairs to make, the contractor save by not having hours of downtime while waiting for repairs and ultimately the consumer wins. We’ve all had our power go out at some point in our lives, it’s an inconvenience. And ultimately the costs for repairs get baked into our rates so we end up paying.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the $5,000 I will have a professional video production put together that we can use in our marketing efforts. We will also use some of the money to fund our attendance at some very big speaking opportunities. We have been asked to present at the national ESRI conference in San Diego as well as some other large conferences. These are perfect marketing opportunities where we plan to pick up our first customers.

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About Joe Eastman

I am a registered Professional Engineer and University of Michigan grad who works for a large utility company in the state of Michigan. In my free time I enjoy web development and experimenting with augmented and virtual reality. My goal each day is to learn something new.

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