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The most exciting part of my idea is having safe reliable cannabis. The cannabis industry is filled with awesomeness & Wonderful people. At Ashes I want to have fun and be creative. I am going to start out by building my brand first marking the name I think that’s how I would most definitely be different and the quality of cannabis provide will be the best! The obvious road blocks are the city and state license fees and how I’m going to get around them is applying for every competition I can to gain capital for such an amazing idea it gets better as the cannabis industry gets better


The most beneficial people for me are adult cannabis users around the age of 21-38 I think this age range uses the most cannabis. Their lives would change because   Cannabis will be more regulated and safer. I really just want to be apart of giving cannabis a better name because cannabis helps so many people connect with life and make them feel better we are connected with nature it’s such an honor to be this industry

What I Will Do With $5,000

I am going to use the 5,000 to pay state license fee

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About Ashley Patrick

Hi my name is Ashley Patrick I am a very passionate person. I’m just learning how to live freely and make the best out of everything. I have been interested in a dispensary for a long time just watching the cannabis industry develop in Colorado. I am a African American women who’s plan is to succeed no matter what

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