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This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in July 2020

About Idea

The most exciting part of Aztech is those small businesses have a chance at comprehensive digital services at a reasonable price without the stress of a webpage builder and without the price of a large/small web firm. We have already face some roadblocks as we are teaching and exposing the technology to some businesses who don’t understand how it works and doesn’t see the value of more advanced services. We are in conversations with local chambers to have workshops about our services and how it will benefit their businesses.


Small and minority-owned businesses will benefit the most by having a digital presence. It is 2020 and we still have about 46% of small businesses without a website. This does not include all businesses that are not registered. This is a lot of businesses that are not being served.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We plan on spending $1,200 on marketing to built strong partnerships with other organizations focusing on helping businesses to build a pipeline of resources.
$3,000 on new hardware, and $800 on software licensing to increase our production.

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About Angel Cruz

I am a non-profit professional between 9-5 and entrepreneur 24/7, thought my work and volunteerism in the community I see the need for technology among our small businesses. I focused on building a better User Experience and digital strategy for our smaller business. Additionally, as a Hispanic Chamber Ambassador, I got to see first hand the need for a digital presence of our local Hispanic businesses during this pandemic.

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