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Brandon Humes & Brandon Ryan 205 Views

B Social is very excited to be able to connect thousands of you professionals in Downtown Grand Rapids, to engage in networking with one another. Building relationships and empowering our community With a free download of our mobile app B Social members will have weekly and monthly events to engage with one another such as social mixers, networking events, sports leagues, and social nights and sporting events all available in the palm of our members hand. 


Our Impact will be felt throughout the Grand Rapids community. Our target market will be young professionals ages 25-34. We want to offer the a alternative way to connect and “B Social” with professionals that are new to the area, who are to busy to be social, or members who are just looking for something new and exciting .

Also we will large impact on local business. Our partnership with local businesses will help generate new customer and building our local economy.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000 will be mainly used on the development of the mobile app. We also plan to use a portion of the of the funds for advertising such as print adds, radio, social media, and physical merchandise.

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About Brandon Humes & Brandon Ryan

B Social Sport and Entertainment is co-owned and operated by Brandon Humes and Brandon Ryan. Brandon H is college educated, former basketball player, has ran a entertainment business in the past, lives in Grand Rapids and has a good knowledge of health and fitness. Brandon R is college educated, former football player, and has ran multiple restaurants and bars in Grand Rapids.

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