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B Social Club

B Social Club

Brandon Humes & Brandon Ryan 553 Views

Our goal of B Social Club is to create a “Colony” (culture). “B’s” (members) working with in the “B” Hive (Community) to create “Honey” (Creating organic relationships to empower the community). B Social plans to offers our “B’s” the “Pollen & Nectar” (tools) it needs to create as much “Honey” as they want. Via a user friendly mobile app.

B Social Sports and Entertainment is in business of social networking for young professionals, which is why we desire to launch our mobile app that can help us achieve the goal. We are optimistic that everyone who enrolls as a member will definitely derive huge value in their download. These are the services and amenities that will be made available to our members via our mobile app;

• Social engagement/ Networking 

• Local business discount’s

• Member exclusive events

• Early access to ticketed events/ Parties

• Concerts
• Sports league’s

• Trips


The number of 25 to 34 year old Millennials will increase by about 3 million over the next 7 years; this is the stage in the life cycle when they are most likely to live in cities. Establishing “Honey” is the most important aspect to making new surroundings feel like home.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The majority of the $5000 grant will be dedicated to the development of our mobile app and website. Also a portion of the grant will be dedicated to marketing needs such as print and digital advertisement, branded clothing, and office supplies.

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About Brandon Humes & Brandon Ryan

B Social Sport and Entertainment is co-owned and operated by Brandon Humes and Brandon Ryan. Brandon H is college educated, former basketball player, has ran a entertainment business in the past, lives in Grand Rapids and has a good knowledge of health and fitness. Brandon R is college educated, former football player, and has ran multiple restaurants and bars in Grand Rapids.

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