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What gets me so excited about this idea is that it is a new category that is untapped. There are a couple of other competitors who have similar products but they are very narrow in their usage. Our product can be more generally used and will benefit a lot of people who face the same issues that I deal with.

This backpack provides a retractable pole attached to it is a fold-able, rotational chair that allows you to sit. Also they are adjustable for you when the backpack is still on your back making it very convenient and easy for people. The obvious road blocks are funding for patenting and for designing our prototypes which we plan to get around by finding investors and receive funding through pitch competitions.


The people that benefit most are those who do a lot of traveling on foot. When you are standing at a bus stop, when you do long commutes on college campuses. People that go on vacation, hiking, and amusement parks like Cedar Point, Disney World etc. The benefits are you don’t have to worry about not having a seat or having serious lower extremity discomfort due to lack of a comfortable place to take a break. With this product we can make a lot of peoples lives a little easier.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We want to put the money towards our prototype designs. We know we need to make a few more prototypes to have a more polished, appealing product for our customers. We need to rent out spaces that provide the necessary equipment to make our prototypes which costs money. Also would like to go through a third party to help with the design of the backpack itself to again, make it more appealing to our customers.

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About Austin Alessandrini

I am a senior at Michigan State University studying kinesiology with plans to potentially attend PT school and an ongoing joke my friends and I always have is that everyday is leg day on campus because we do so much walking and standing that it really can be quite a workout. This is what inspired my product idea with the help of my co-founder Dylan Crompton. I love to travel, meet new people, and make bad dad jokes in my spare time.

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