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Bar Bijou— A Mobile Bar

Bar Bijou— A Mobile Bar

Sarah Bee 314 Views

Bijou (adj.): small and elegant.

With over 10 years of industry experience, the Bar Bijou team is excited to expand the service area by providing fun and exciting bartending and beverage service from a tiny, yet classy, trailer. Why hire an expensive catering or bartending company, when you can support a small business with grand mixology!

With regulations and growing financial needs, Bar Bijou needs your help in securing more funds to entertain! This wonderful city would be the perfect place to support a mobile bartending and beverage service that provides delicious cocktails (and mocktails!) for any occasion.


This mobile bar is great for weddings, graduation parties, celebrations of life, sobriety parties, and more. Bar Bijou aims to give back to the community by sharing a portion of profits with local LGBT-friendly organizations. Additionally, Bar Bijou plans to support local recovery organizations that help lift-up our friends that no longer drink alcohol. By supporting these organizations, this tiny bar service will be inclusive of every patron we serve.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000 would go directly towards the renovation of a trailer or small service truck to provide a mobile bartending and beverage service for local events or celebrations.

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About Sarah Bee

I am a member of the LGBT community and an experienced bartender. It would be an honor to serve this city and represent my fellow LGBT friends, as well as those that took control of their lives by living sober or drinking responsibly. With the creation of Bar Bijou, I would have a greater opportunity to give back to my community through collaboration, entertainment, and financial support. Cheers.

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