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Bark Bunks

Bark Bunks

Matt Witkowski 779 Views

The outer covers of the dog bed are easy to switch and are designed from recyclable fabrics stemming from partnerships in the clothing and furniture industries. The comfortable pillow insert is made from 100% recycled fiber fill, giving consumers a way to intervene in our global pollution problem while providing their pets with comfort and a little self expression.

There are an estimated 78 million dogs with homes in the United States. That’s approximately 44% of all households. Woof!

The typical dog bed consumer is a one and done buyer – most don’t even know the brand they’re buying. When a consumer buys a Bark Bunk, they can later choose to purchase an entirely new design cover style that fits their current mood.

I have potential access to about 60,000 pounds of fiber fill resulting in approximately 2,500 beds per quarter (with one supplier alone). For the outer covers, I plan to connect with high quality fabric organizations who, much like me, care about their green footprint.


I believe entrepreneurs need to become more responsible when it comes to using Earth’s limited resources. First and foremost, my product benefits the environment. The potential to save 60,000 pounds of fiber from landfills per year is huge. Secondly, this product gives consumers the ability to buy a look that fits perfectly with their home decor. Consumers are given the option to change the outer cover to the pattern they want while keeping the same inner, machine-washable, eco-friendly bed.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Due to using recycled material, the fiber fill would come in assorted shapes and sizes. As such, I would also use the grant money to help fund a machine to cut the fiber fill into smaller, cohesive strips for stuffing the beds. I am planning to keep this process USA made (Michigan first!) for the sewing process. The prototype development will be a little more expensive as the inner pillow will need compartments/layers to ensure equal placement of the fiber fill to discourage clumping.

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About Matt Witkowski

Whether its my homemade Grand Valley TV stand or charity duck race, I love dreaming up fun ideas to make life a little better. When you combine passion with goodwill, you undoubtedly have the power to do something extraordinary. I finally found an idea that I am completely passionate about and Bark Bunks is ready for the main stage.

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