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Be Fiercely You

Be Fiercely You

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In a world where the decision to love ourselves just as we are is a radical act, our hope is that our products will encourage and inspire all to have the confidence to embrace their own uniqueness and strengths, and to live boldly.  However, our mission does not stop there, our larger vision is to become a movement and resource in the community that empowers young women and provides opportunities for them to break barriers, discover, affirm, and actualize their potential. Through education and mentoring experiences, our vision is to provide young females in our community with the social, emotional and leadership skills they need to thrive as young adults. Part of this will also include an entrepreneurial and economic empowerment experience as we will create the opportunity for the young women we serve to be a part of running the apparel business, from creating and designing their own original product line, to selling the products through fundraising, pop-up shops, and other venues. 


The mentorship program will be a comprehensive program designed to support at-risk girls ages 13-17 through many of the struggles and barriers they face, giving them the greatest chances of success in their schooling, careers, and lives. Also, we will be creating a generation of empowered girls, who become empowered women, who will contribute economically, intellectually, and socially back to the community,  while continuing the movement and creating long lasting positive generational change.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will use the majority of the $5,000 to invest in the screen printing equipment and product inventory I need to be able to launch the apparel and merchandise side of the business.  In addition, the remaining funds will go towards marketing materials, and finalizing the storefront website. 

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About Erin Walker

I am a School Counselor at a local K-12 Charter school, a mentor, and one who loves drinking coffee, shopping, listening to motivational speakers, and believes in being a life long learner. I have a passion for working with, and advocating for, our youth, and working collectively towards building a community dedicated to social justice reform. For the past three years I have also built and run a successful business selling hand painted wood signs featuring inspirational messages/quotes.

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