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Beer City Pup

Beer City Pup

Amy Venard 352 Views

Our clothes and accessories aren’t just cute products—they’re a movement. By wearing these you are telling people you are open to connection with them. We seek to bring the camaraderie people find in dog parks out into the community. There are myriads of pet products on the market, but no others that join our specific community together and can give people of differing backgrounds a common point of connection. This brand celebrates the things that make it great to be a dog owner in GR…time spent with great friends (both furry and human), great conversation, and great beer. 
Road blocks….we call these opportunities for growth and creativity!  We are new to being small business owners and have a large learning curve with things like setting up websites, creating business plans, etc. Also because we are new to the pet product game we need to build connections with other local businesses in order to get the products into local brick and mortar stores instead of just online.     


We live in a world where it is easy for people to feel disconnected. Our brand fosters connections for those who have shared love of dogs, beers and our great city. Every time you or your pup wears Beer City Pup products you are telling the people around you that you are approachable and open to connecting with them and the larger community.  Too many people wander through their daily grind without pausing to truly connect with anyone or anything. Beer City Pup is here to change that! 

What I Will Do With $5,000

$2500 will be used towards increasing our product line and inventory
$1000 will be used towards obtaining professional photographs of our products
$1000 will be used towards upgrading our website
$500 will be used towards co-founder training through Start Garden and GROW

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About Amy Venard

I'm a social worker in my day job and I've been actively involved in making our community a better place for the past 18 years. I've always loved to have side hustles and Beer City Pup is my newest adventure. I am privileged to share my life with my fiance (who also happens to be the most beautiful woman on earth), our three cats, two kids, and one Beer City Pup. I love the Beer City Pup brand idea and am so excited to make it real and create a place of connection for people in our community.

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