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Better Body Image Conference 2018

Better Body Image Conference 2018

Connie Flachs 742 Views

The Better Body Image Conference will take place on March 11th, 2018 at Wealthy Street Theater and will consist of workshops, lunch with a key note speaker, a documentary showing, and a panel discussion.  The entire event is free and open to all, apart from the workshops which will have a ticketed admission. I am so excited to share resources, support, and actionable steps with the Grand Rapids community and all who want to work to develop a better relationship with their own body.  There are incredible resources for those with eating disorders, but little that focuses on preventative measures or on body image issues which don’t present clinically.  Our biggest roadblock will be generating the money to fund our budget - we are lucky to have many passionate individuals in the community willing to lead workshops, share their expertise, and help to create a culture of body positivity but need the funds to plan, promote, and pay all who are not donating their services.


A variety of physical and mental health problems can originate from being dissatisfied with one’s own body and appearance.  Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, loss of fertility, higher stress levels, social withdrawal…. these issues and many others can be prevented by cultivating a better body image.  Furthermore, when focus is taken away from how the body looks, people can instead place value on what the body DOES, becoming active and vibrant members of the community.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000 would cement the centerpiece of the conference, the movie and key note speaker, helping to draw a large audience and broaden our outreach.  We will be showing The Illusionists directed by Elena Rossini and inviting her to speak about her 8 years of research and filmmaking for this project.  $2000 covers the speaking and film showing, about $2000 covers flight, and $1000 for housing and food.

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I currently am in my seventh season dancing with Grand Rapids Ballet in Michigan. I moved from Massachusetts to dance with the ballet. While growing as an artist, I've also fallen in love with the state of Michigan and found the Midwest sense of community to be something I really resonate with. I'm ready to give back to that community in a new way while tapping into the connections I've made in my seven years in Grand Rapids.

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