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Bibzee Bib

Bibzee Bib

Kristina Lind 737 Views

What’s so great about this bib is, it actually works! If you go to the large baby retailers, you will find huge sections of baby bibs that are all essentially the same. To an unseasoned individual, it may appear that you have a plethora of viable options, but don’t be fooled! Besides their lack of originality from bib to bib, their effectiveness with a messy baby is seriously lacking! After some research, I’ve found that over 80% of moms who consider their baby to be messy, do NOT have a solution they are satisfied with! My bib offers an innovative solution that is not in the market yet! The size and the specifics of the design of the bib are unique to the market. The largest road block I’ve encountered thus far is the bib is most likely not utility patent-able. My idea to counter this problem is to launch the product hard and fast. I plan to reach the market before knock-offs do and to create a genuine brand that offers solutions that connect with parents during the most trying times!


Moms, dads, grandparents and childcare workers will benefit the most from this innovative bib. Our kids are only little for a tiny period of time-so time is so precious. Don’t waste it with clothes changes, scrubbing the highchair and stained clothes anymore! This bib has the potential to be on every baby registry in the future! I honestly believe it is the next must-have for new parents. Partner with me to reduce stress and give time back to these hardworking parents who deserve it so much!?

What I Will Do With $5,000

1.) Dive deep in to product development and sample making for field testing through a local manufacturer - will probably take a few more rounds of sampling/testing and trip to factory. I would like to consider launching a package along with accessories
2.) Develop packaging and marketing strategy with a third party marketer
3.) Product safety testing with consumer product safety commission
4.) Small business license, file “Doing Business As” name with county
5.) LAUNCH this baby!!

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About Kristina Lind

I graduated with a Supply Chain Management degree from Michigan State University in 2010. Right out of college I went to work at Wolverine World Wide for about 6 years, in which 5 of them I spent in Product Development for the brand Chaco - in which I loved. I am married with two little ones, Mila - 4 and Declan - 1.5. I retired (or so I thought :) ) from product development in March 2016 to stay home full time with my kiddos - in which I also love.

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