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Big Dipper Dough Co

Big Dipper Dough Co

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People love to eat raw cookie dough. You like eating raw cookie dough, I like eating raw cookie dough, and they like eating raw cookie dough! But as our mothers, grandmothers, and doctors have said since the beginning of time, we are forbidden from it due to the risk of getting sick! Of course, we all cheat but the question we proposed is “why should we have to?” After months of dirtying our mothers kitchen we came up with the perfect recipe! Not too sweet, just a bit gritty, and 100% delicious. Just like moms cookie dough has always been! We’ve been in business almost two years at this point. We’ve expanded from the neighborhood grocery store into 12 states and over 600 stores including Meijer, Kroger, and Fresh Thyme. What we love about this product is it can be eaten raw without getting sick. We use only real ingredients, nothing artificial! We’re a Michigan made product in beautiful Traverse City. Even without eggs, you can still bake our product into cookies!


Humanity! Generations to come. Since man has looked to the stars they have questioned “how can we safely consume cookie dough?” *Enter stage left Big Dipper Dough*. In all seriousness, Cookie Dough and dessert enthusiasts! Both the very young and elderly have weakened immune systems and could become seriously ill or killed from E-Coli or Salmonella, the two most common pathogens found in raw flour and raw eggs. Our product has the ability to present a safe, all-natural alternative.

What I Will Do With $5,000

As we’ve scaled in year two from Michigan and 70 stores into 12 states and over 600 stores, our sales and marketing strategy hasn’t. Where we mainly focused on corner stores with a very loyal presence, we’re now in many big retailers with less personal connection to the customers. We are refocusing and learning how to market and sell to a mass market through in-store samplings, social media marketing, events, and in-store promotions.

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I, Austin Groesser am a 22 year old native to Traverse City, Michigan. I've always set goals and dreamed to launch a business. All throughout high school I bought and sold cars, dirt bikes, etc learning margins, profit/loss, etc. I've worked a full time job since 14 starting at McDonalds. While working Big Dipper I had worked two full time jobs as a technician during the day and at night as a FF/Emt. Today I am full time self employed and building a great business with an even better team.

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