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Blue Cactus Forex

Blue Cactus Forex

Gilbert Conley 221 Views

This idea is exciting because it is a life long skill that has the ability to change narratives. This business differentiates itself because it is autonomous style business. Road blocks for this business are psychology based. This business does require a great deal of discipline, grit, and grueling monotonous unfavorable work. However through a clear road map this line of work is easily achievable.


The initial benefactors of this business will be my first intern as well as first employee. From a more macro prospective this business will benefit those with an interest in the market, and grit to work outside of their 9-5. The potential of this business for 9-5 people can bring is side income to help with life goals. The potential for people who want to do this full time is self reliance and sustainability based on their income goals.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$100 - will be used to file formal paper work for LLC
$1000 - will be used for platform lifetime membership
$3000 - will be use working capital in the market to get with prop firm
$300 - New computer
$600 - stipend for first intern within a year’s time

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About Gilbert Conley

I am a native of Chicago that is made Grand Rapids my home for the foreseeable future. Through many lessons with previous endeavors I have gained insight on what my true calling is. From this point forward I function on a frequency of how can I better both someone else's life and mine in the process. This idea is one that I know can do that for many.

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