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Boat A Float

Boat A Float

Robert Nickett 208 Views

What I’m excited about is how many lives will be saved because of my idea, plus the boat is saved too. They put airbags in cars, why not boats?
My idea should be installed in all boats!


The people’s lives that are going to be saved will benefit the most.
I think new businesses will start manufacturing the parts and bags, boat shops will be installing the system in boats creating new jobs
Boat manufacturer’s will be installing the system in the factory creating more jobs.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would buy a boat and install my emergency flotation system building a prototype.
Once people see how well it works everyone is going to want my system installed in their boats.

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About Robert Nickett

I was a boat builder for most of my life and I had so much fun, it was my calling for sure. My name is Bobby and I'm 53 years old. I hit a tree 6 years ago and was paralyzed, I am a quadriplegic but I have use of my arms and left hand. I don't let it stop me I stay busy. I grew up in Michigan, moved to Florida 30 years then came back home to Muskegon, Michigan. I do alot of woodworking now but my hobbie is anything mechanical. I restored a few cars, like my 71' El Camino SS was my favorite..

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