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Players use their skill to “Bounce In” ping pong balls into cups. Advanced technology senses the ball passing through the cup. When the ball passes through the cup, the advanced technology processor gives the player the appropriate score, plays a sound, and flashes lights.

The game is programed for up to four players, but more can be added. Each player is given six balls per turn, players take turns, and each player has a total of 3 turns per game. Balls either pass through a cup, or a ball return area and are collected underneath the game board play area and are released at the appropriate time.

Future capabilities could include playing video clips (animations, advertising videos, etc), various scoring patterns, user notifications via the web of new high scores, tournament play, commercial and home versions, monetization of commercial models, various lighting modes such as black light or night mode, and other possibilities.


Fun and Jobs!

The impact is a fun new game with more to come!

Merging advanced technology with “classic”  physical skill games has the potential to make old games “new” again. Remember bar darts? Automatic scoring revitalized and popularized the game.

The benefit of applying the technology from BounceIn! to other classic games is a pipeline of future products.

With success comes jobs. West Michigan gains jobs with the manufacturing of the game components that can be sourced from the area.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Leverage, leverage, leverage.

The $5,000 would be combined with personal funds to gain additional project traction.

These combined funds will be used for:

Manufacture ten more BounceIn! games for market research placements. The games are placed at select locations to gather player feedback and game operation metrics.

Additional funds will be used for:
Trademarking / Intellectual Property Protection
Develop Marketing Plan
Develop Financial Model
Website Development
Office Space

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About Chris Larson

Larson Manufacturing and Sales, LLC was formed in 2016. The company is owned by Chris Larson of Ferrysburg,MI. The company is an early stage manufacturing and marketing company focused on original products, some of which integrate advanced technologies. The company is working to develop and scale business concepts and products. Our latest concept is BounceIn! The prototype for BounceIn! was developed in conjunction with Business Accelerator Funds.

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