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Ever hear of “Beer Pong?”
Larson Manufacturing & Sales is currently commercializing and standardizing this popular, but unorganized game, into a sanctioned sport. People can play BounceIn! at their favorite bar or restaurant on automated equipment.
Our research indicates people want to socialize and make connections - in person. The game of BounceIn! attracts players of all ages - children quickly embrace it. BounceIn! is fun, inexpensive, and, to most Americans, novel.
Our research also indicates people are wanting to participate - and compete in - a sport that fits their lifestyle. Lots of media content is devoted to professional sporting events. Little emphasis, however, is placed on participatory sports. The majority of Americans are spectators to these events. BounceIn! allows people to be participants!
Participation can range from the occasional game with friends up to league play. League play culminates with the annual World BounceIn! Championship Playoff.


Fun is found at your favorite bar or restaurant!
Research indicates people want to socialize and make connections - in person. BounceIn! gives people the opportunity to connect in person through the playing of a game. The simplicity of BounceIn! is attractive to players of all ages - and abilities.
Our business model offers successful operators an activity that is part of our system which draws in customers, keeps those customers engaged, and incentivizes their return.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Market Acceptance - Will Customers Buy It?
The $5,000 will go towards answering this question.
We will combine the $5K with other funds and build a customized BounceIn! Trailer. The interior of the trailer simulates a fun and casual atmosphere with BounceIn! at the center. Being mobile allows potential customers to experience the fun first hand at their location.
The purpose of the trailer is to win orders - thereby answering the question of “Will Customers Buy It?”

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About Chris Larson

Larson Manufacturing and Sales, LLC was formed in 2016. The company is owned by Chris Larson of Ferrysburg,MI. The company is an early stage manufacturing and marketing company focused on original products, some of which integrate advanced technologies. The company is working to develop and scale business concepts and products. Our latest concept is BounceIn! The prototype for BounceIn! was developed in conjunction with Business Accelerator Funds.

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