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Bouncing Around The Motor City

Bouncing Around The Motor City

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The most exciting part of my idea is that no other inflatable company has a focus on community and neighboring. As a child I remember playing checkers and twister, we’d like to have a safe fun supportive environment where they can do what they do best: be a kid ! There is no place of belonging for children that doesn’t involve money! All my other competitors don’t have a venue or if they do there’s no community center nor focus. Children are our Target Market and being a mother of 3 I know it can get tight at times and fear for the security of my children. We are confident that focusing on what my company does for the community is the most impactful brand awareness and responsibility that we take on whole heatedly. We also want to give middle and high school students opportunities to work for their homecoming, jr. Prom and prom Send off packages. There are obvious road blocks as far as funding and we will get around them through donations, support and sales to fund this opportunity!


We benefit as a company because our mission is evolved around superior customer service and give back to the community in which we are established. The community benefits and we are touching young lives. Providing a safe welcomed environment that encourages their aspirations and dreams. The real potential is to give children a place of belonging, encouragement and support to achieve their dreams while gaining the benefits of honesty and hard work. We will benefit the entire community giving back

What I Will Do With $5,000

We have purchased a building, 13238 Fenkell and it is in need of a extensive rehabilitation process that requires a initial clean out to even begin on the lengthy process. We will utilize the $5k to get the ball rolling on the extensive clean out of the building, an old beer and wine store that has been vacant for well over 20 years. We are applying for additional funding through opportunities such as MI Women Forward, Motor City Match and microloans to accomplish our vision for the building.

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Hi! My name is Cathryn Coleman and I am a mother of 3, a MomPreneur, Detroiter to the Core and graduate of ProsperUS Detroit, Retail Boot Camp, Build Institute and U of D Mercy - Master of Business Administration. I am also the owner of Bouncing Around The Motor City, Detroit's premiere One Stop Shop for Party and Event Rental needs serving all of Detroit and the surrounding areas. We are the best choice as the primary focus of our business is Superior Customer Service! Come Bounce with us!!!

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