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Break Room Therapy

Break Room Therapy

Dawn Levian 226 Views

In June of 2019 we opened West Michigan’s first rage room, Break Room Therapy. There is something emotionally therapeutic about physically letting go of all the troubles a person holds onto. Stress, depression, frustration, anxiety to name a few. We give people a space to “break” away there emotions. And we have also given those not going thru troubles a new place for date nights, anniversary get togethers or business team bonding. In the short time we have been open we have had many people come thru our doors for a variety of reasons but all of them have left feeling released, relaxed and happy. We want to continue to do that for people in the area for a long time to come.


Life can be stressful, sad, hard and to be quite frank sometimes overwhelming. Holding on to all of those emotions can also end up causing physical health issues such as tension in your body, headaches or stomach issues. We have given people in the area a space to come and let go! So far we have helped people going thru break-ups/divorce, abuse, bullying & job loss to name a few. They come in to our location and with use of our tools and supplies they literally break away their pent up emotions.

What I Will Do With $5,000

In the unit we are leasing for our business all of the inventory is stored in the upstairs. I would use portions of the money to create better use of that area so that we can have more inventory on hand.  A portion of the funds will also be used towards increasing our brand awareness. We feel the need to advertise and also be more involved in community events but need additional funding to do so.

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About Dawn Levian

I have walked many paths in life to get where I am now. Growing up I was in the foster care program for most of my childhood due to abuse by my father. Life hasn't been much easier as I have grown up as I have Lupus, MS, IC and in remission for cancer. However I believe in making the best out of your life as you can. I am part of a Star Wars charity group the 501st and give back to others as much as I can. Giving back and helping others is one reason I am excited to see my business grow.

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