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Break Room Therapy

Break Room Therapy

Dawn Levian 366 Views

We are West Michigan’s 1st Rage Room a safe space to lose control. Life is hard we give our customers the opportunity to come in and smash things to emotionally feel better afterwards.  But you also do not have to be working through anything it is fun just you break things too! We have had everything from bachelorette parties to corporate work outings for people looking for something new and fun to do!


There is nothing selfish about self care but the one place many people often overlook is their mental health. When our customers walk in our doors they leave much calmer than when they arrived.  Pent up emotions release from the person and they no longer hold on to stress, frustration or any other negative emotions that they have.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We are in a constant need of inventory so a portion of the earnings will go to inventory. We also need marketing so that customers can know that we even exist.  And lastly I would like to be able to get to a point where maybe we can have a mobile unit and we can have our services provided remotely.

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About Dawn Levian

I have walked many paths in life to get where I am now. Growing up I was in the foster care program for most of my childhood due to abuse by my father. Life hasn't been much easier as I have grown up as I have Lupus, MS, IC and in remission for cancer. However I believe in making the best out of your life as you can. I am part of a Star Wars charity group the 501st and give back to others as much as I can. Giving back and helping others is one reason I am excited to see my business grow.

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