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Breeze Organizational Relief

Breeze Organizational Relief

Breann Fagan 143 Views

People are always looking for ways to reduce their responsibilities so that they can focus more on things they enjoy. One responsibility people often let slide is the organization of important documents and data. Documents get stuffed away until it all becomes an overwhelming task that feels impossible to tackle. My company will take on those huge projects, so people can focus on more important things. We will offer many services including: document sorting, organization, and filing; converting physical documents into electronic ; creation of a “Life Binder”; organization of electronic data; and a monthly subscription service.

One roadblock could be ensuring that client’s trust that their documents are properly protected. Security measures will include CPU software and equipment that ensures strong encryption and security, as well as lockable boxes and file cabinets for physical documents, cross cut shredding for any disposal. I will also be looking into insurance and bonding.


A lack of organization can cause day to day stress and be detrimental during life changing situations, so anyone who has been putting off organizing their documents can benefit from this service.

The potential of services is far reaching.  I believe the number of people that would benefit from an organizational service would be large, and we will likely see repeat customers because there are always more documents accumulating. Growth is easily accommodated, and service area is unlimited.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000 would cover nearly all start up costs to make “Breeze Organizational Relief” come to life.
Product Costs: File Folders, Binders ($500)
Security Costs: Lockable Boxes, File Cabinet ($500)
Computer Programs: Nuance Pro PDF ($150) and Webroot Security ($100)
Scanner: Fuji SnapScan ($450)
Marketing: $1000
Website Development: $2300

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