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Brew City Pictures/” Victimized” short film

Brew City Pictures/” Victimized” short film

Tara Plizga 374 Views

Brew City’s first production is a short film titled “Victimized”. A film that centers around Mandy on her journey of survival after she was sexually assaulted by her boss in her small town in northern Michigan.  We are working with the YWCA to use the film as a platform to raise awareness of the services they offer to victims of sexual assault. Our next project is a feature-length film about heroin addiction and plan to join forces with another organization that offers recovery services. The on-going struggle will be funding for the projects but with the success of Victimized and the connections we have from our experience in Hollywood we should be able to make some progress and be able to give back to our community here in Grand Rapids.


By raising awareness to these controversial topics and the places that offer support in a cinematic and entertaining way, numerous people could be helped. We are trying to start a campaign to get a YWCA opened in northern Michigan since there is not one located there. The “Break the silence” campaign can go even further to other small town communities in need of these services.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Victimized is scheduled to film in northern Michigan in August, to film on location our budget has grown. Housing is a main concern for the cast and crew, we also have equipment rentals, props, wardrobe, insurance fees, locations fees and food for the tireless work they will be doing for a very small rate. This film will launch Brew City pictures and lead us to our next project as well as help the YWCA get recognized for their work.

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About Tara Plizga

I have been working in the film business for almost 15 years and have been lucky enough to work on various projects from television to features and everything in between in L.A. and Michigan. With experience in many departments I've also been surrounded by some of the best in the industry. After taking some time off set to focus on my writing and study my craft as a director I have decided to jump in full force to start Brew City Pictures here in Grand Rapids where I am also raising 2 kids.

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