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This is a rare case where I think both businesses and consumers could benefit equally. Businesses by having an incredibly simple way to push updates and offers to customers (i.e. “We’ve got a Short’s Tap Takeover tonight at HopCat Grand Rapids!”, “For our Alexa subscribers: use the promo code Chalk Heart to get 15% off of your bill this Valentine’s day”) as well as easily create a feed for individual locations.

Consumers have the built-in leverage of being able to pick and choose who they want to get updates from and could easily and realistically get exclusive offers and access through these briefings.

The big challenge with this is the technical aspect of automating and scaling the creation of these skills. Amazon has a complex set of integrations that take time to build on top of but are incredibly powerful.


Businesses will benefit greatly by having a simple way to notify customers about upcoming events and deals and easily create feeds for multiple locations. Consumers will benefit by being able to pick and choose who they get updates from to make sure they hear about things they really care about, and possibly get access to exclusive offers and events.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 would be used to incorporate the business and set up the technical infrastructure. The biggest overhead with a product like this is always servers and databases and the $5,000 would help to get the product on its feet and start making money.

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I am a former opera singer turned software engineer working on the future of mobility at Ford Motor Company. I got my start in technology at coLearning at The Factory in Grand Rapids as well as graduating from a coding bootcamp and spending time as a developer apprentice before finally getting my break as a developer in Detroit. I was also the host of The Michigan Beer Show for several years and am a proud graduate of Michigan State University.

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