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Bring Bungee Fitness to Grand Rapids

Bring Bungee Fitness to Grand Rapids

Christina Vandam 1914 Views
This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in March 2021

About Idea

Zeal Aerial Fitness will soon offer Michigan’s first ever trainer certified bungee classes. With the help of Grounded Aerial, our trainers have been certified after a 16-hour training program. The goal of introducing bungee fitness to West Michigan is to enhance the community of people who embrace alternative fitness.

Currently, no other gym in the area is offering any sort of bungee fitness.  Our obvious road blocks are lack of equipment as well as educating the population of Grand Rapids on what bungee fitness is. 

When Grounded Aerial hosted our teacher training, they also hosted workshops for the public.  Almost every class was sold out showing us that Grand Rapidians are interested in this type of fitness and would like to add it to their regular work outs.  In the past 6 months, we have received numerous inquires about bungee offerings.  The amount of interest we have received makes us feel confident that bungee classes can be successful in Grand Rapids.


Bungee fitness is a newer form of fitness.  It has a low impact on an individual’s joints as one is supported by the bungee.  During our teacher training at Zeal, we learned that this is a great form of fitness for those recovering from knee and back injuries.  Our trainer recently worked with an entire class over the age of 50.  People who have difficulties walking can also participate in bungee as the apparatus supports them.

What I Will Do With $5,000

While a bungee workout will provide great amounts of fun and exercise to you, it is a rather rigorous and expensive agenda to take on.
The break down for the equipment is as follows:
Harnesses - $200 - $300 each x 7 =  $1,400 - $2,100 total
Hard gear -  =  $1000 total
Bungee chords $190 each x 10 = $1,900 total
Any additional money will be spent on marketing for the new classes at Zeal.
With your support, Grand Rapidians can experience the excitement bungee!

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About Christina Vandam

Christina began Zeal in 2018 after discovering there was not an aerial fitness experience in West Michigan. Zeal offers alternative fitness classes and private experiences in pole, silk or hoop workouts. Our goal is to help individuals find a new version of themselves, physically and mentally, in a safe and supportive community. Zeal is committed to helping change the stigma and stereotypes around pole and aerial fitness in a safe, inclusive environment.