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BRITE bites

BRITE bites

Brianna Makaric 750 Views

BRITE bites started because of our founder, Bri had her own personal digestive issues and a need for probiotics. She wanted to find an easier, more convenient and natural way to incorporate probiotics in her diet. Each BRITE bite is dairy-free &  contains 1 billion CFU of probiotics to support the digestive system.

Our first product line includes The Original Bite, Cocoa Bite, and Super Bite. BRITE bites™ are a wholesome, superfood snack which contains chia, flax, and pumpkins seed as well as a probiotic. We differentiate ourselves from other brands on the market by offering a probiotic in our bites. Probiotics are live bacteria that are healthy for your gut.

A roadblock for our company is our manufacturing. We have currently out grown our incubator kitchen and are being very strategic about our next move. This is a roadblock but something that has allowed us to learn along the way and continue to plan for so we are able to overcome this and continue to grow.


We created BRITE bites to change the way we think about snacks…and life. Be Balanced. Stay Real. Show Integrity. Gain Trust. Spread Energy. By offering a convenient snack option filled with superfoods our goal is to fuel the health-conscious individual. We provide a solution for consumers who are not able to swallow pills but still need to get probiotics in their diet. Through growing our company, we have had the opportunity to create jobs and spur entrepreneurship.

What I Will Do With $5,000

By winning the $5,000 in grant money we would be able to significantly improve our business. BRITE bites would be able to move forward with fully-printed packaging and point-of-purchase displays. By switching to fully-printed packaging we will be able to educate consumers about our product in a simple yet effective way.

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