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Bump to Birth Doula Services

Bump to Birth Doula Services

Kiara Baskin 444 Views

Bump to Birth Doula Services is West Michigan’s single source for maternal needs. We offer a new level of professionalism and dependability that was not available in the market before.  Bump to Birth Doula Services is helping parents by delivering a new normal. We help by already having sorted through the overabundance of information and resources surrounding childbirth and parenthood and we deliver curated support that is necessary, relevant, and helpful to your family.
We are designed to eliminate the stress of time consuming research, legwork, and preparation involved in prepping for a new baby. With us you can expect help when you need it most. We deliver the ultimate maternal experience by providing an expansive array of services that allow you to relax and truly enjoy bringing in a new addition to your family.
Support includes advanced training in:
- Birth doula support
- Lactation
- Child passenger Safety
- And much more…


We deliver support without an agenda to support the mother and family in this important season in their lives. We remind our clients that they are “enough.” Our clients don’t need more education, more choices, or more advice. They just need support to remember how amazing they are. We offer a level of control through their birth and baby experience.  As a result our clients feel supported and cared for, no matter what kind of birth or preferences they have.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Investment from 5x5 would allow Bump to Birth Doula Services to further expand our reach and connect with families. Funding would directly go towards business equipment and management systems such as Honey Book and Quick Books. The remaining funds would be designated towards marketing materials, paid ads to be used on social media platforms, and community workshops. 

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About Kiara Baskin

Kiara Baskin is a West Michigan native promoting family, health, and wellness. Kiara has sought out to bring communities together and cultivate collaboration with nonprofit organizations medical staff and the every day person to support sustainable solutions and share resources which meet real community needs. Kiara is currently serving families in the west Michigan area by providing lactation support birth doula support and child passenger safety checks.

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