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Bystander Emergency Action Training Team - The BEAT Team

Bystander Emergency Action Training Team - The BEAT Team

Autumn Hartpence 181 Views

Wouldn’t it give you a sense of comfort knowing the person next to you was trained in resuscitation if you were to pass out at this very moment? According to the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival Report that there a number a reasons why a person would need CPR. A person’s chances of survival are increased 2-3x time depending on how fast you as a bystander respond. Every minute is crucial!

The BEAT Team is offering CPR, AED, and FIRST AID classes performed at your business location for convenient scheduling and at competitive prices. The bigger the class, the better the deal. Creating a safer work and home environment.

With your help, my company will be able to teach your employees the confidence they need to handle an emergency situation that could affect the credibility of your company. Which is all the more reason for you to join the BEAT Team and get certified.

Just remember, not all heroes wear capes or camo, but let the BEAT Team teach you to do something heroic.


Now West Michigan is known for factory work and those jobs are required to be CPR certified under OSHA. But, what about everyone else? There are various reason for a person to need CPR at anytime.

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human services heart disease has no age discrimination, it can happen to anyone, any age, any physical condition. Once again, you or someone around could need it at any time.

What I Will Do With $5,000

These are some of the startup costs to help the BEAT Team expand by helping your employees feel safer not just in the workplace, but in life.

Certification Cards
$925 Card ($18.50 x 50 Cards)
Training Manuals
$125 Manuals ($2.50 x 50 Manuals)
Training Mannequins
$2,400 for 12 Mannequins (6 Infant/6 Adult)
Training Instructor License
$350 Initial
Automatic Defibrillator
$150 for 1 AED

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About Autumn Hartpence

I am a Air Force veteran who recently achieved my MBA concentrating in Human Resources Management and Strategic Management. I am starting my business to help those who need extra income or need something to feel to help make Grand Rapids, MI a safer city through having the highest amount of CPR training individuals.

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