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Calvin’s Lawn Care

Calvin’s Lawn Care

Calvin Pimpleton 2054 Views
This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in October 2018

About Idea

The most exciting thing about my business is my story and where it started, I am a previous winner of the 100 Ideas competition (first round). When I first started it was with a bike and a tractor trailer that I created to attach to a bike. I had no vehicle nor did I have a license. Calvin’s Lawn Care is different from every one’s else company, because its all about how much you want it and the amount of effort you give. Lot’s of entrepreneurs that own Lawn Care Companies just do it for a living. With me I actually have a passion for what I do, also it is fun to me. So that will take me far in the Lawn Care business. There were plenty of road blocks for me and i’m sure that there are more to come. One of the largest road blocks I encounter daily is my age. The main goal for me is to be a trustworthy entrepreneur throughout the community. I feel this will surpass because the many customers that I do have always spread good things about me and my business.


I feel as busy people in the community and the elderly, not singling out anyone. I have many customers who are simply not home enough or don’t have enough time get to their lawns in the summer or to their snowy driveways in the winter. This will change their lives because after a long day of work nobody wants to have to do more work. With me I take that extra chip off their shoulder and make sure all the work is done. The real potential is this can help the community, other teens, and myself.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the grant I will be able to have the funds to be able to have another worker, this will allow me to help another person, such as a young teen so they can have a place where they can work here and there to help them financially. When I didn’t have a job or my own company I really wanted to work. Either I was too young or nobody gave me the opportunity to work for them. With this grant I can start to employ teenagers in the community and help them out to show them how to be an entrepreneur.

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About Calvin Pimpleton

I am Calvin Pimpleton, I am an fellow entrepreneur, also I am a varsity football player for Ottawa Hills High School. Being a Junior in high school, so far I have maintained a 3.4 GPA and I have been on the deans list, honor roll, and passing all classes. The 100 ideas competition gave me the inspiration to actually take my company to the next level. Creating a company was the perfect opportunity for me so I could manage Religion, Football, and School.

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