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Campus Cards Game

Campus Cards Game

Akeem Croft 159 Views

1. Campus Cards Game received positive feedback from targeted customers and created buy in.  Surveyed individuals included potential customers: both college & high school seniors, college alumni, HS/college faculty and staff, educational departments (ex. orientation departments, residence life), parents of students and individual interested in college life.

2.I m excited that research data proves campus cards should be successful. Campus Cards is proven to have future sales and high anticipation. The manufacturing price for each deck is $2.85. Customers survey to purchase the product at a higher cost. This will create large revenue.

3.As the founder and an educator, I am extremely familiar with student trends. This allows me to stay current with the targeted market and I am excited to do so.

4. I am excited for individuals to easily learn each other and create long lasting memories through this game. College may be an intimating place for some, this creates a nerve calming method.


• College students will have safe fun and benefit most as the primary targeted customers
• HS seniors will become acclimated to college life& are secondary targeted customers
• College Alumni relive their college memories
• Student parents may potentially purchase as a gift. 
• Great method for an introvert to learn other individuals
• HS/College departments to purchase for student staff and student org bonding
• Any person interested in socially engaging a community

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will use the $5000 primarily to register for Upcoming college student conferences such as NASAP, ASGA and game conferences such as the Meaningful Play Conference.

Asa secondary, we will also use the funds toward resources to train student marketing ambassadors at campuses throughout Michigan and social media campaign adds to gain exposure to Michigan social media users.

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About Akeem Croft

I am the founder of Campus Cards along with longtime friends and fellow educators Rohan Pessoa and Curtis Russell. I am passionate about student development and education. I have been in the Education/Student Development field for 10 years within multiple higher learning institutions. My educational background is in public relations, speech and higher education. I am a coach-able person and always seeking knowledge to improve my skillets. I am currently employed at Michigan State University.

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