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Campus Cards

Campus Cards

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What makes Campus Cards unique is that the vast market of college students, alumni, faculty, and parents has yet to be tapped into in this way. Often times people reflect on their college years as “the best four years of your life”, so what better way to celebrate that time than in a card game? All the scenarios and questions are based on real life situations that are relatable to a large demographic. Campus Cards can be used educationally to acclimate new students to college life, while also being used to create closer bonds and long lasting memories with current college students and college graduates. Surveyed individuals included potential customers; both college students and high school seniors, college alumni, HS/college faculty and staff, educational departments (ex. orientation departments, residence life), parents of students and individuals interested in college life as a whole.


Campus Cards can be used to educate high school seniors and incoming college freshmen on the things to know and expect as they embark on their college journey. For current college students, Campus Cards would encourage discussions and debates through thought provoking scenarios they may currently find themselves.  In addition, college alumni get to relive their college experiences and reflect on cherished memories.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will use the $5000 to register for vendor registration fees: 4 upcoming Michigan educational conferences and to launch our campus student ambassador program.

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About Akeem Croft

I am the founder of Campus Cards along with longtime friends and fellow educators Rohan Pessoa and Curtis Russell. I am passionate about student development and education. I have been in the Education/Student Development field for 10 years within multiple higher learning institutions. My educational background is in public relations, speech and higher education. I am a coach-able person and always seeking knowledge to improve my skillets. I am currently employed at Michigan State University.

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