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CarePRN is a cloud based mobile platform that allows families to get on-demand in-home healthcare. The CarePRN platform will help your loved ones in need, while preventing family caregiver burnout, by providing you with a trusted source for respite care. CarePRN will empower marginalized home healthcare professionals by allowing them to set their own schedules, choose their own jobs, and set their own wages all through convenience of a mobile app.

CarePRN differs from the competition in that we offer on-demand service, mobile app convenience, no long term contracts or commitments, flexible scheduling, and encourage our providers to charge a live-able wage. CarePRN only uses licensed, background checked, care providers, and provides umbrella insurance.

Roadblocks will include recruiting users to the platform. We will solve this through partnerships with employee assistant programs, family caregiver groups, hospitals, clinics, social workers, and medical professionals.


Care Recipients: CarePRN let’s your loved one stay at home longer, which improves their health outcomes and saves money compared to traditional care settings (i.e. nursing homes).

Family Caregivers:  CarePRN prevents caregiver burnout by giving families a break when needed.  Preventing burnout improves the family caregivers own health.

Professional Care Providers: CarePRN improves the provider’s quality of life and financial status by allowing them to make a living wage income.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Digital Advertising:
Free trials hours: $2,000
Professional promotional video/How it works: $1,500
Targeted Facebook advertising: $700

Marketing Materials:
Trifold Brochure: $300
Postcard flyer: $200
Logo Stickers and Magnets: $300

These expenses will allow CarePRN to educate the public about our service offering through social media, and traditional advertising efforts. It will also allow CarePRN to have marketing material for meetings with local corporations HR departments.

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About Jason Wolfe

I was motivated to started CarePRN as a result of my experiences caring for my fiance’s dying grandfather. The experiences opened my eyes to the struggles that families face when caring for a loved one at home. I have worked in healthcare since '09 initially as a home health aide and now currently as a nurse. My passion is to help families care for their loved ones at home, and to ensure care providers are fairly compensated for their expertise and hard work.

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