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Carmony is a new way to find your perfect vehicle. Using big data technology, we have developed a new way for car shoppers to find the perfect vehicle that we call “Lifestyle Search.” Lifestyle Search is the marriage of two disjointed processes: the car research process (e.g. sites like Yahoo Autos or Car and Driver) and the car search process (i.e. marketplace sites like Autotrader). By asking shoppers about themselves and what they use their vehicles for, we are capable of matching them directly to vehicles for sale at local dealerships without them ever needing to go do any independent research.

Our biggest roadblock is the “chicken and egg problem.” For our technology to improve and to validate our business model, we need Carmony to reach more car shoppers. We have begun to solve this problem by integrating Carmony’s search functionality directly onto dealership websites. To see what we mean, check us out on Betten Baker Honda’s website at


Carmony benefits the average car shopper. Carmony’s Lifestyle Search eliminates hours of wasted time on research and efficiently informs the shopper about what cars meet their unique needs the best. With a data model that gets smarter over time, we can help dealers increase margins and consumers have a better car shopping experience.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Currently we are restricted by a freemium version of our data mining software, RapidMiner. A one year subscription is exactly $5,000. This tool is integral to our Lifestyle Search. We are already paying for operational costs like server space, hosting, emails, and data syndicators.

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About Ben Gezon

Instead of talking about myself, here is the Carmony team: Ben G (me) - is the car guy. Ben is the original co-founder and brings experience working with the automotive market. Ben K - is the "Dad" of the group. He is the foundation of the team with his extensive back end development experience. Karlo - is the outspoken Michigan State fan on the team. He brings front end development expertise. Lance - is the guy who knows a guy. Lance does business development and user experience design.

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