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Catch Software, LLC

Catch Software, LLC

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About Idea

Catch connects users who are at the same event or group in an easy, effective, and entertaining way by allowing them to view an Instagram-like feed of everyone else at the event, connect on social media, and interact through group and direct messaging.

Our app is different from our competitors for two primary reasons: simplicity of use for users and monetization incentive for organizers.  We provide users with a personal experience, making social experiences more engaging and easily grasped, while keeping the app much more easy to use than many of our competitors who have over-complicated platforms.

We create an incentive for organizers by allowing them to effectively monetize through our platform, through sponsor ads and remote ordering, whereas our competitors do not have this offering for event hosts. This feature is extremely impactful, especially for the concert/ festival community as they are trying to recover and create a safer, more engaging space for their community.


Catch greatly improves the lives of events goers and group members, allowing them to build more engaging communities, and the organizers of these spaces, as they create an engaging community around their event or group and can effectively monetize and interact through Catch.

Over 45M Americans attend music festivals each year, and millions of students live on dorms each semester. We are looking to change these lives for the better and build a stronger, lasting, and more engaging community.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000 would immediately be put to work for both tech development and marketing efforts. This capital would allow us to push new, updates, with all of the additional features that we have drawn up in a timely manner that will allow us to engage with more event and group organizers. Through our extensive advisory board and network, we will put any additional funds into potential key marketing partnerships which are vetted and proven to turn a solid, recurring, user growth.

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About Gavin Hubbard

My name is Gavin Hubbard and I am the CEO and founder of Catch Software, LLC. I am a Maryland native, graduated MSU in 2021 with a degree in finance, and am currently serving as a Transportation Officer in the US Army. I have previous startup experience, as I have taken a medical device design company to an accelerator in Flint/Kentucky called XLerate Health. This idea was tabled due to time and travel constraints, but the IP is still held. I am extremely excited to bring Catch to 5x5 Night!

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