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Chartreuse Sisters - Bakery, Coffee Shop & Artist Hub

Chartreuse Sisters - Bakery, Coffee Shop & Artist Hub

Alyson Caillaud-Jones 461 Views

Art has always held a strong place in our hearts. Naturally drawn to the silver screen, we both entered into the same field in college; Alyson pursuing her passion for directing, while Mallory pursued hers in the form of acting. Little did we know that our love of creating art would lead us in the direction of artisanal baking. That’s when we realized what Grand Rapids is missing; an inclusive cafe with original baked good & drinks, that offers a free space for artists to display their work. The main roadblock we have is money. However, since we began the business only 3 months ago, we have seen a demand for our products as well as felt the support from our community. We plan to crowdfund and continue to apply for grants. In the meantime, we will continue to participate in collaborative pop-ups in our community in order to continue to market ourselves and grow our customer base.


Grand Rapids has an immense amount of talented artists who have not been able to showcase their work because of barriers put in place. Not only would our cafe benefit the artist community of Grand Rapids by providing artists with a free space to showcase/workshop their art, but it would also benefit the community at large; immersing individuals in gallery showings, one-act plays, film premieres, and more experiences that they may not have familiarity with. Also the food & drinks will be amazing!

What I Will Do With $5,000

Due to operating out of our home kitchen, we cannot sell our products directly to other businesses for resale. We have already had to say no to multiple opportunities presented to us due to a lack of funds. With the $5,000 we would be able to move from our home kitchen into an incubator kitchen, increase marketing, and participate in more pop-up opportunities in the community; all allowing us to grow our brand and become one step closer to moving into a store front.

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About Alyson Caillaud-Jones

We are Alyson and Mallory Caillaud-Jones! We were raised in Grand Rapids, MI but spent our summers in the South of France with our Mother's family. We love food and coffee, enough to decide to dedicate the rest of our lives to making it. Seeing the Grand Rapids art scene bloom has inspired us to participate in its future growth. We are extremely passionate about what we do and enjoy using our creativity to think outside of the box; creating unusual flavor combination inspired by our travels.

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