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The most exciting part is that we will observe and analyze human behavior pertaining to consumption and anticipate when people need more of those essential products. The biggest difference with competitors is that the customer won’t need to order the same item twice. Once a customer places an item in the cart, we will deliver it right before it is needed. It can be difficult to buy environmentally friendly products, which is also why Chropix will focus on sustainable alternatives to what people might be familiar with. We believe that people want to live more sustainable lives and we can make it simple for them to do so. A major challenge is being able to predict when to deliver items, but we are confident that as we collect more data and spot patterns we can consistently and accurately deliver products. The two things that we are committed to which will allow us to succeed are great customer service and consistency.


Those that will benefit the most are people living in cities. Often times people in the cities have a limited amount of space, so buying in bulk isn’t the best solution. The alternative is making several trips in a week to buy groceries and bathroom essentials. We will be making life simpler and giving time back to our customers. The potential is moving from the bathroom products to the kitchen and the rest of the home. We are optimistic about automating all essential products a customer buys.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The UI/UX is nearly complete and the grant will help us complete the algorithm and allow us to have a mvp in the market within a month.  We are anxious about the opportunity to collect data and test the product in the market.

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I am a very curious person. I want to know everything I possibly can and share that information with others to see them progress. I am born to two Nigerian parents and spent half of my pre-college life in Nigeria. I understand that I'm just one being taking part in life and I'd like to do my little part to push humanity forward. I am big on inspiring others to break out of the norm and find where their passion meets the needs of the world. I think that intersection for me is entrepreneurship.

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