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Chthonic Gardens

Chthonic Gardens

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Our company is the embodiment of a long-held dream to unify our respective skills into a living, working and sensational garden and school. In the face of rapidly commodified food systems, we strive to reintroduce and share forgotten traditions of farming and cooking. Skills taught include kitchen & ornamental garden design, permaculture, seed saving, herb use and application, butchery, butter and cheese making, preservation, foraging, weekly meal planning…and seeing good food as healing.

We aspire to forge a new meaning of ‘kitchen in the garden’. While there are many fine farm to table establishments, nothing beats experiencing food at the source. Guests will have professional guidance as they explore various techniques in a bucolic Michigan farm setting. Chthonic Gardens not only sells a great product, but also a holistic experience.


Expanding on what a modern agri-business can be is foremost to our mission. We aim to broaden the farm/table experience with a living farm classroom that promotes kitchen and garden techniques for health empowerment.

While we are chef and gardener by trade, we relish the teaching role, allowing us to share our knowledge. We want our guests to regain control of their food systems and de-mystify the notion that eating well must be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Chthonic Gardens offers 16 acres of tillable land in need of need of basic infrastructure to jump-start this project. We will use the funds to establish a sustainable drip irrigation system; construct a season-extending grow house (20’ x 96’); and develop a professional & comprehensive web-site where guests could plan their visit.

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Ryan Beck is a horticulturist with 17 years of experience. Past work includes plant research at UC Santa Cruz and UI Chicago; urban and organic farming; and numerous apprenticeships with Mayan herbalists in Central America. Melissa Corey is a chef and a Food Network's “Chopped” winner. She was named one of Chicago top female chefs 2015. Working for 3 James Beard award-winning chefs, Corey hopes to train future eaters how to cook seasonally with the abundance that Michigan has to offer

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