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I believe it is safe to say that we know the history of Gettysburg and it’s significance to US History. However, today it is just a green land that many do not visit unless they are history fanatics. Well with Citiskopes, you can now see the Battle of Gettysburg in real-time (PG rated of course) all through your phone. What was once just a plain field is now an immersive and engaging piece of history because you no longer need to imagine it, you can see it with a device that we carry all the time. Citiskopes mission is to give a different perspective of the city we are visiting by leveraging augmented reality to not only educate but engage the users and drive more tourism to the destination. Currently, our competitors are not leveraging technology in this way nor are they known for local experiences.


Travelers and locals benefit the most from our idea. Today travelers are searching for unique experiences when traveling. They want to eat, shop, and play at the places locals do, resulting in an increased search for activities near them. Locals also benefit from our idea because it will drive them to visit places that they may have never visited before, or revisit areas with a different perspective. As digital content and technology increases so will the learning experiences.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will help us with a functional prototype to demo it to our early adopters at Tech conventions and summits. That will help bring awareness to our service and help us demo our service to the cities.

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