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CitySays: A New Way For Cities To Engage

CitySays: A New Way For Cities To Engage

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CitySays is a social platform designed to help develop cities that people are proud to live in. Civic engagement is notoriously the most difficult part of a city planner’s job, and anyone who has attended a city council meeting knows how difficult it is to engage and feel heard.
It is time for the planning industry to come into the 21st century with a platform that will allow for dialogue about how people want their communities to be shaped.  CitySays is a subscription-based application used by city planning departments to engage their constituents, and to drive local economic development by connecting cities with their citizens and businesses. This connectivity and coordination grows both financial and emotional investment in a place, for a stronger and more resilient local economy.


CitySays is designed for small to mid-sized cities looking to increase their civic engagement as well as better the local retail “experience”. Traditional retail is failing because people are more interested in spending money on boutique experiences and services. CitySays will provide the coordination to help small and local businesses more effectively compete against big box and online retailers. This will provide for better placemaking and a more genuine and local retail experience.

What I Will Do With $5,000

If chosen the winner, $5,000 would ensure the completion of CitySays’ website development. It is currently in the prototyping and testing stage. Remaining funds will be used to update the platform for volume as we scale before launch this May.

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About Sophia Prince

Sophia Prince is a senior in the MSU Urban & Regional Program, with hopes of pursing planning consulting or entrepreneurship after graduation. She is the founder and CEO of CitySays, which is currently in development. She chose urban planning as a career path out of a love for great places, and the potential for improving peoples quality of life through good design.

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