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Clarifii is the first water repellent designed for use on cameras. We have designed our products to prevent even the smallest of water drops that ruin your footage. When a water drop sits on your camera lens, it creates a large circular blur making the footage useless. Standard water repellents are not designed for use on cameras and are harmful to both your camera, and the water environment. Not to mention they don’t repel all water drops. Clarifii comes either as a solution for the user to apply themselves, or in the form as a screen protector where the solution is integrated into it. We currently have screen protectors made for GoPro cameras and the DJI Osmo Action. Any other camera can use the solution to have the same effect as the screen protectors. Our products work by creating a small layer of water over the lens that isn’t visible to the camera. When water splashes the lens, the droplets disperse among the layer of water and any excess sheets off the lens leaving it clear.


When water drops sit on your lens, you are not aware of it until after you are home reviewing your footage. This causes immense frustration because the time you spent trying to get an awesome shot was for nothing. Clarifii allows you to go out and shoot in the water with confidence knowing you can get creative with your shots knowing they won’t be ruined. We are currently focused on the action sport camera industry and plan on expanding into the automotive and security industry in the future.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will be used in two ways, first, we will invest $1000 into creating a new product designed to keep water spots off car back up cameras. Another $500 will be invested to build out our website to support the new product. Secondly, the other half of the money will be used towards Facebook advertising where we have seen success with our engaging content. This will allow us to scale our Facebook ads to reach a much larger audience within our Niche.

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About Jason Lees

I am a senior at Northwood university working on my BBA with a focus on management. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and it is my goal to work for myself. I was selected as one of 17 entrepreneurs from around the country to be selected into the Future Founders 2017 cohort which is an intense mentorship program to help college entrepreneurs to get their businesses to the next level. I was born and raised in Australia and love spending my free time in the ocean.

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