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Clarity in a world of distractions

Clarity in a world of distractions

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Like many kids, Troy grew up bullied—and often came home in tears. As a result, he lived in his youth and even throughout parts of his adult life, as a person without confidence—always seeking validation from others—kids, parents, and eventually even some of his bosses.

He now wakes up every day living a life he is proud to lead; and shares what he has learned through that journey with America’s Youth.

His message to our youth is simple:
1. Avoid living a life on other people’s terms;
2. Believe in yourself;
3. The world is full of opportunities;

Inspiring our youth to change their current habits for success in the future, may present challenges.  He will overcome it by sharing his story of habit change and helping students build habit practices that are meaningful and sustainable.

It is in our ability to change our habits that cause us to both fail and improve ourselves.


Middle school, high school and college/university students.  As well as, educators, employers and consumers of small business goods and services.

Building a habit practice and mindset early on will set them on a path for success in the future.  A path that aligns with their core values in life.

A world where everyone pursues their life’s fulfillment, waking each day grateful for what they have and eager to deliver great work to help others and themselves grow.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will be used to hire and retain two coaches for 6 months:  a public speaking/business coach and a writing/thought coach.

As well as marketing and print materials for generating leads and expressing thank you for opportunities.

A breakdown:
Public speaking coach: $2,600 (26 wks)
Writing coach: $1,300 (26 wks)
Marketing materials & services:
- Business cards: $50
- Thank you cards: $100
- Print handouts: $200
-  Photographer/videographer: $750

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About Troy Rice

I am a husband and a father to three amazing boys. I grew up in a small town south of Lansing. I graduated from GVSU back in 2009 and have since taken course work at Davenport University and am an alum in the Seth Godin AltMBA program. I enjoy coaching all my boys sports programs and am on the board for AYSO. I spend my days sharing my story of being bullied as a kid to becoming an entrepreneur and keynote speaker with students across Michigan, inspiring them to lead life on their own terms.

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