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CLIFTN MOTORS: Advanced. Electric. Bikes.

CLIFTN MOTORS: Advanced. Electric. Bikes.

Eric Klinefelter 654 Views

We are designing a yokeless and segmented armature (YASA) axial-flux hub-motor, which has higher torque and power density than traditional radial-flux hub-motors. These motors are being used in a few supercars today, and we would be the first electric bike company to adopt this new technology.  Companies like Bosch are invested heavily in traditional motor manufacturing lines, thus have little incentive to utilize new motor topologies.  Our lighter motor allows the use of a smaller battery, further reducing the weight and cost of our system.  Key to our success is examining and analyzing state-of-the-art technological advances in motors and drives as they appear in the academic literature.  Our strategy is to constantly assess current technological innovations and implement those with strong promise.


Customers need a low-cost, environmentally friendly method for commuting and taking leisurely rides.  With electric bikes, they can ride longer distances and easily climb hills. They can ride across town without breaking a sweat, enabling the use of their bike for trips that were previously too demanding. Current electric bikes are too heavy and too expensive, thus customers need a lighter, lower-cost ebike solution.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Funds will be used for the development of our hub-motor prototype.  Local CNC shops will be used to machine the aluminum motor parts and a Michigan-based supplier will be used for the custom Neodymium magnets.  Our product launch will consist of a crowdfunding campaign, and thus a local video production company will be used to produce our campaign video.

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About Eric Klinefelter

I'm currently a doctoral student at Michigan State University in the Electromagnetics Research Group (EMRG). My research is primarily focused on radar, but I’ve always been passionate about bikes and motors and so that's what led me to start this company. I grew up racing BMX bikes at the state and national level and currently live in Grand Rapids with my wife Rachel who is also an engineer.

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