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Community Harvest Food Rescue. Give Back|Feed the Hungry|Stay Local

Community Harvest Food Rescue. Give Back|Feed the Hungry|Stay Local

Dan Estelle 792 Views

By leveraging technology, Community Harvest puts would-be food waste on the plates of hungry people in our community. It connects three critical groups together in a single app; food donors, non-profit recipients, and drivers. We’re creating a marketplace where restaurants will want to offer meaningful donations (for tax write-offs) that non-profits will be eager to pickup by way of a network of drivers.

This fee based service app will verify donations, provide donors the necessary tax reporting & support inventory optimization; allow non-profits to filter through donations for easier planning; calculate optimal pickup routes for drivers; and much more!

Committed partners include top non-profit’s in GR such as Mel Trotter & Guiding Light, as well as concept support from Feeding America West Michigan.

The idea of food rescue is already becoming popular in metropolitan cities, but most lack the systematic approach supporting both the business and the non-profit that we will offer.


Thousands of restaurants and grocery stores exist in the Greater Grand Rapids area alone, most of which are simply throwing otherwise usable food away. This fee based app will change the way we look at food, giving it to those in need and simultaneously maximizing the opportunity to provide tax incentives. Donors receive increased tax incentives (up to 15% of sales) and nearly 100% liability protection to those who donate food.

Community Harvest is prepared to revolutionize food waste in GR.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With this money, we will spend $1,500 to contract the system architecture (software requirements), $3,400 to contract a developer for a minimum viable product, and $100 to purchase domain/hosting fees.

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About Dan Estelle

Dan and fellow co-founder Ben Watkin began Digital Kingdom in 2015, a revolutionary technology firm focused on melding technology with industry. Ben is a Michigan licensed PE, certified Professional Scrum Master and former Aerospace Engineer turned entrepreneur. Dan has nearly a decade of experience in Category Management, Product Development, and Senior Leadership at some of the top food distributors in the country.

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