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Community Networks - Internet for everyone from Powell Labs

Community Networks - Internet for everyone from Powell Labs

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Community Networks is all about connecting people in rural and urban areas to fiber, the fastest Internet out there. By manufacturing and installing our own fiber both underground and over the air, Powell Labs has found a way to dramatically reduce the cost of getting fiber to the people who need it, at every step of the way. Because of this, we are also able to make every dollar count, and lessen the overall price, eliminating costly expenditures that would normally be carried down to the customer. Best of all, none of these modifications to the usual network build diminish it’s quality. I think the most exciting part of this idea is that it’s going to connect people, places and ideas in a reliable and affordable way. Whether you live deep within the country, or in a highly populated city, our network will be able to reach you at the same affordable price. Powell Labs will also provide phones, TV, and other additional services, so we’re a complete package replacement.


While our current scope is small, and will start in our home area of Newaygo County, we hope to grow Powell Labs to cover all of West Michigan and beyond. Everyone will have access to the same affordable and high-quality Internet services, regardless of where they live or what they’re going through in life. And lets not forget, the growth and maintenance of our network throughout Newaygo County and eventually West Michigan will create jobs while connecting different people and places equally

What I Will Do With $5,000

How much could a big-box Internet company do with $5,000? Could they connect a city? A rural area? With $5,000, Powell Labs is going to connect to a more reliable link to the Internet Exchange, put insurance on our bucket truck and connect the areas of Fremont, Newaygo, White Cloud, Grant, Croton and the surrounding townships, seeding what will be the beginning of the Internet revolution. Within two weeks, we will have services established in the areas listed above, and an estimated 75 customers

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About Tim Powell

My name is Tim Powell, and as the Founder & CEO of Powell Labs, I have been passionate about technology, Internet, and business for my entire life. Internet technology is a focal area of my expertise, with extensive knowledge of networking, security and optimization. I've had the honor of participating in a 5X5 Night series before, and have attended Startup Weekend GR 2016. I've also been privileged to work with the Michigan SBDC on their Small Business, Big Threat cyber security initiative!

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