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Confidence Beyond Hair Loss

Confidence Beyond Hair Loss

Rachael Kaminski 308 Views

The most exciting part is the before and after transformations. Someone comes into my studio feeling stressed and anxious, often on the brink of tears about losing their hair. They leave feeling hopeful, smiling, running their hands through their new hair and sometimes even some happy tears. I differ from other competitors because I specialize in one-on-one consultations, in a private, safe and comfortable environment in my home. My guests have 100% of my attention during their appointment. No phones ringing, or shoppers walking in to purchase products. This time is dedicated to them, and their needs. My number one goal is listening and learning about my guest. I focus on finding a color and style that provides them the hair of their dreams, even if they didn’t grow it.  A few of the roadblocks that I’m currently enduring is space, time and money. I started this business with my passion for helping people, personal experience of hair loss and knowledge as a master hair stylist.


Confidence Beyond Hair Loss will impact hundreds of West Michigan women who are experiencing hair loss, as well as their families. Hair loss can touch the lives of a client’s support system leaving them unable to help or solve the problem.  No one wants to see someone suffer and with the help of a trained hair loss specialist like myself, I can help give them their smile, strength, and confidence back. My husband wishes there would have been someone for me to turn to during my hair loss journey.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Being that my studio is in my home, all of my guests are walking through my living room to get to the studio space. My husband and dog are hidden away in the tv room across the house while I have a client in the room that was once called our spare bedroom. He is so incredibly patient and understanding of my desire and passion to help these women, but it’s becoming a daily issue. With the $5,000 I would add an entrance and space to allow for a more private entrance and experience.

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About Rachael Kaminski

I started Confidence Beyond Hair Loss after going through chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2017. In 2018, I created a private studio in my home dedicated to helping those experiencing hair loss navigate alternative hair including wigs and toppers. I have 9 years of experience behind the chair as a master stylist and first hand experience of wearing a wig. My mission is to empower women of all ages feel confident and beautiful throughout their hair loss journey.

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