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Cork Cap

Cork Cap

Josh Ambrose 598 Views

According to The Craft Brewers Association, craft beer was a $24.5 billion dollar industry in 2016 and is expected to grow well past that in 2017, opening many opportunities for new businesses and products.

The biggest complaint with filling growlers at breweries is the short shelf life. Using a standard growler cap, beer begins to stale a few days after filling, and goes flat in a matter of hours once the brewers seal is broken to pour the first drink. The solution: Cork Cap!

The Cork Cap is a beverage preservation cap that is designed to keep beer-filled growlers fresh and well carbonated for months, even after pouring the first beer. The cap assembly includes a pressure regulator, gauge, adjustment dial, and replaceable CO2 cartridge, allowing the user to set the container to the brewery recommended pressure for their beer.

At an affordable price, the Cork Cap lets craft brew enthusiasts fill growlers with beer served exclusively at microbreweries without the fear of flat beer.


The Cork Cap allows consumers to fill growlers at breweries and not be forced to drink it all in one sitting before losing its carbonation. The Cork Cap lets users enjoy beer at their own pace knowing each drink will taste fresh as the brewer intended, a win-win for both brewer and customer. Given longer shelf life, Cork Cap users can fill growlers for the next bonfire or tailgate as opposed to buying a 6-pack of cans or bottles, generating a positive impact on the environment through less waste

What I Will Do With $5,000

If chosen to receive the $5,000 grant, the money will be used for tooling costs needed to manufacture the final product in large quantities. This money will be paramount for getting the Cork Cap to the next step and into the market. Once tooling is complete, and production is underway, a strategic marketing and sales plan will begin. And what better place to start selling a product made for craft beer, then in Beer City, USA!

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About Josh Ambrose

Josh is an engineer and entrepreneur from Grand Rapids. Working on several design teams while attending the University of Michigan, he developed a love for entrepreneurship and product design. After graduating Josh returned to West Michigan and is now a project engineer at AGA Marvel, contributing to the design and development of their line of premium refrigeration appliances. Josh recently started a business that comprises the development and eventual market introduction of the Cork Cap.

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