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Cosmic Shirts

Cosmic Shirts

Katja Leitgeb 110 Views

Cosmic Shirts will be a platform that will connect graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, etc. with filmmakers who collaborate with the Cosmic Flamingo production house. The aim is to create a cyclical marketing strategy: we create content, the artist creates the design, we create limited edition shirts that promote said content and feature this product in other productions and so on. The artist will receive a cut of the profit and will also promote the merch and Cosmic Shirts on their platform, bringing their established audiences to our platforms, and we will promote their work on our platform, bringing our audiences to their channels, creating a business symbiotic relationship.

The most obvious obstacle is gaining recognition and establishing the primary customer base. This can be tackled in many ways, by collaborating with artists with an already established base, and by creating additional marketing channels; via social media influencers, other content creators, etc.


Independent filmmakers and collaborating visual artists will primarily benefit from this idea in two ways: financial gain and larger recognition.
Other parties that will work with our production company can benefit too; for example by creating a music video for a music band, we can then connect the content with Cosmic Shirts, and promote the brand further.
The potential is as wide as artists who are willing to collaborate with us.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$500 - Wordpress eCommerce plan—> store
$500 - site design
$250 - research best quality/price order combination fabric
$250 - research best print order
$1000 - 1st stock of Shirts
$300 - design
$750 - online marketing
$450 - marketing material (photos)
$500 - marketing material (video)
$500 - contingency

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