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Creation Hearth Cosplay Supplies

Creation Hearth Cosplay Supplies

Nara Hearth 362 Views

Creation Hearth is a craft specialty store for cosplayers. Cosplay is a phenomenon growing from San Diego Comic-Con to Atlanta, Georgia. Conventions are popping up all over the country, including Michigan. Cosplay is when someone builds a costume of their favorite character to themselves.
Cosplayers go to five or more places to build their costumes like thrift stores, JoAnn’s, Home Depot. This indirect competition doesn’t cater to cosplayers. Halloween stores offer costumes, but it doesn’t offer the customization that crafting a costume provides. Creation Hearth offers a hub for cosplayers to gather not just their supplies but expert advice from their peers for proper costume build.
Creation Hearth needs marketing and outreach resources, as well as funding for inventory expansion, and convention booth costs.
Creation Hearth has been accepted to multiple conventions this year, but an expansion of capital would allow the company to reach out to a large part of the community.


Creation Hearth offers a centralized hub for the crafting community. It not only helps invigorate the cosplay community but encourages others to join. It also gives a great resource for makers in the area. Creation Hearth additionally provides resources to performers, artisans, and costuming. Our company not only sells you the materials but gives you the material knowledge. We save time and money by making these varied materials and skills available in our community.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 would go towards expanding Creation Hearth’s presence at conventions. Creation Hearth anticipates reaching out to the community at conventions such as JAFAX, Anime Park, and Almacon. This would cover the travel fees associated with these conventions, as well as inventory expansion. A portion of the funds would be reserved for showcasing cosplay craftwork using materials offered at Creation Hearth. A separate portion would be utilized for “costume medic repair” promotional activities.

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About Nara Hearth

Once I saw cosplay at Youmacon in 2010, I knew I was done for. Cosplay became my passion, I volunteered and staffed conventions like Shutocon, WashiCon, and Youmacon. I have a bachelor's in Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising and a minor in International Business. I have presented the idea of a store for cosplayers at symposiums and have entered various pitch competitions.

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