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Creative Carvings

Creative Carvings

Jessica Austin 614 Views

Imagining going to a Carnival, Fair, Gus Macker and purchasing a creative gluten-free snack! Creative Carvings will make that happen.  The exciting part is Creative Carvings will give children who are on different diets or may have allergies to the usual snacks that are served at these events the same type of excitement as other children who are running around with elephant ears and cotton candy. We’re different from other concessionaires because we offer the healthy alternative snack. Snacks will be creatively carved on site, fresh, and ready to serve. The roadblocks are obtaining a Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU) licensed and earning a ServSafe Manager Food Certification. Yes, I can get around them. I can complete a plan review and write an SOP for my STFU licensed and take a ServSafe Manager Food Safety Class. After these roadblocks are achieved, Creative Carvings can serve as a food concessionaire stand at festivals, events, etc. throughout the State of Michigan.


Parents will benefit from Creative Carvings. The parent lives will change because no longer have to force the “eat your fruits and vegetable rule”. Children will not see a plain apple, but an apple crab. The carving will be appealing to their children eyes. The real potential is to encourage healthy eating by making it fun & unique. Creative Carvings long-term goal is to open a Create-and-Carve where people can sit and do fruit carving activities and learn about ways to make eating healthy fun!

What I Will Do With $5,000

If granted the $5,000, the funds will be used to pay for STFU/Mobile Plan review, Register for the ServSafe Manager Food Safety Class, Purchase General Liability Insurance, and Gus Mackers Food Concession vendor booth fees. Funds will be used towards the State of Michigan Fees, Permits and/or site inspections at these festivals, fairs, carnivals.  Also, to purchase updated food booth tent, water tank, and packaging supplies.

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About Jessica Austin

I graduated from Ottawa Hills High School in 2007. I went to Grand Rapids Community College for three years. Transfer to Grand Valley State University earned my Bachelors of Science in 2013. Worked at Steelcase for two years. Currently, I am employed at Van Andel Institute. I am also a mentor at Ottawa Hills High School. I love spending time with my family, reading, sports, music and playing candy crush.

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