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Cultural Immersion: The Other Side of the Bridge

Cultural Immersion: The Other Side of the Bridge

Barbara Van Horssen 165 Views

We lead cultural immersion trips around the world to help people see the world through a different perspective, hoping that participants will come to see the lens through which they see the world themselves.

We don’t have to go around the world, however, to experience cultural differences or to have our hearts and minds open to other people’s realities.

In our own community, the Drawbridge in Grand Haven represents a giant barrier to celebrating the unique experiences and realities of those whose live on either side.

We are working with individuals/organizations on the Grand Haven side to create an experience of the culture on one side of the bridge, and partnering with individuals/ organizations on the Muskegon side to create a genuine experience of culture on the other side of the bridge, including intentional reflection on the experience.

We will also work with these collaborative partners to identify individuals willing to be immersed in this cultural immersion experience.


The impact of this project is to create more diversity, equity and inclusion. Cultural Immersion Experiences help us to listen to people from another culture in order to understand that we really experience the world differently, our life experiences are genuinely different,  and as a result we see the world through a different lens. When we understand that, we stop being defensive and begin to understand that we all play a role in maintaining the barriers to celebrating our common humanity.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will be used to pay for accommodations, meals, transportation, materials, and entrance fees for 6 to 8 people from Muskegon to spend 3 days and 2 nights immersed in Grand Haven and 6 to 8 people from Grand Haven to spend 3 days immersed in Muskegon. This will include intentional reflection time and a follow up dinner for all participants to meet and explore the difference this experience has made in their own perspectives and actions.

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